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Welcome to the review of the Killer line of crossbows. Killer is a relatively new company to the world of crossbows, but its parent company, Hawk, has a long history in the hunting industry.

Best Killer Instinct:

Killer Instinct 350

Killer Instinct 350
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Draw Weight165 lbs.
Velocity350 FPS
Suggested Arrow Length20"
Crossbow LengthUnknown
Crossbow Weight6.2 lbs.

Characteristics of Killer Crossbows

Killer currently offers two crossbows in their current lineup. Sold under the name of Killer Instinct, the only real difference in the two crossbows is draw weight and speed. The Killer Instinct line is a fairly lightweight (6.5 lbs. or so) crossbow that offers a good combination of speed, accuracy and portability.

Killer crossbows feature triggers with no creep and an anti-dry fire system that will not allow the crossbow to fire when unloaded. The Instinct 350 also features an adjustable front grip to allow for you to customize how the crossbow fits you and your specific shooting style.

Each Killer Instinct 350 comes as a complete kit and includes:

  • The Killer Instinct Crossbow
  • A 4×32 mm illuminated glass reticle scope
  • A 3 arrow tactical side mount quiver
  • A rope cocking aid
  • Three 20” carbon arrows
  • Starter pack of rail lube
  • Assembly hardware and tools
  • Owner’s manual

Killer Crossbows offers a limited lifetime warranty on each of their crossbows. This does not include the standard wear parts, including strings, cables, cams, etc. but does include all the big stuff. The warranty is only good for the original purchaser so that is something to keep in mind if you are looking at a used Killer Instinct.

Killer Crossbow Accessories

As a newer company to the world of crossbows, Killer only has a few accessories currently available on the market. Each is discussed in detail below.

Killer Arrows

Killer offers their line of arrows under the name of KillerTech. These arrows are sold in 6 packs and are 20” long carbon arrows. They are designed for speed, accuracy and high kinetic energy. Each comes with a preinstalled moon nock and Bohning X vanes. As with many companies, you will need to supply your own field points and/or broad heads.

Killer Cocking Devices

Killer offers a rope cocking device for use with their Killer Instinct crossbows. The cocking device is designed to not only cut felt weight of draw by more than 50%, but to also provide an even cock for enhanced accuracy. The Killer rope cocker is a universal design that is usable with a number of crossbows on the market.

Killer Scopes

Killer offers a pro grade 4×32 mm illuminated glass reticle scope with their crossbows. The scope is of high quality and does an excellent job of holding zero. We have found the fit and finish to be excellent and the coating on the lenses does a great job of keeping the optics from fogging up.


Killer offers a compact soft sided case for the Instinct line. The case is designed for a narrow limb crossbow and features extra padding to ensure your crossbow stays safe during transit. The case also features tactical MOLLE loops on the exterior for adding additional gear as well as storage for your arrows.

Other Accessories

In addition to the above listed accessories, Killer also offers a KI Deadening™ string suppressor kit. These suppressors mount easily to the top of the risers and do an excellent job of mitigating string slap when firing. They are reasonably priced and are an addition we would certainly recommend.

Killer also offers a side mount tactical quiver bracket. The KI Deadening™ TAC quiver mount allows you to have your arrows in a more convenient position than the traditional cross mount found on many other crossbows. This bracket attaches to the Picatinny rail under the crossbow and allows the arrows to be stored along either side of the forend of the crossbow, greatly increasing accessibility.

Buying a Used Killer Crossbow

We always recommend against buying a used crossbow, simply because you won’t really know what condition the crossbow is in unless you are intimately familiar with crossbow design and manufacturer. The fact that Killer does offer a limited lifetime warranty on their crossbows is a good thing, but remember that is only for the original purchaser. Given the high speeds generated by the Killer Instinct line, we would be hard pressed to say it is a good idea to buy used, unless you have a pro shop you really trust to check it out first.


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  1. I had two of these bows they are not a good product at all I would strongly advise anyone whom is about to get one to get a different brand for sure both of the ones I had tore up before I could even get the scope set

    1. I had mine sighted in in 6 shots. That included the first 3 shots at 10 yds just to make sore it wasn’t way off. Living the rail and the string where it meets the rail after 5-6 shots should keep the strings ingood working order. I have the killer instinct BC 370 Bine Collector.

  2. I bought a Killer Instinct Hero 380 package and love it. Putting it together gave me some pucker but the string glide finally went on correctly. The scope has stayed true and it shot well to kill a buck so far. I like the short and compact size of this bow. Wish the trigger was better but it costs a lot more to get a Barnett, which I don’t like as much as this entry level bow. A dead deer is a dead deer, no matter how much you pay for a name and features. I would recommend this based on price, speed and reliability. Make sure you shoot the recommended arrow/tip weight and don’t be stupid as this bow should last many seasons.


  4. Have you heard of anybody that has a ripper 415 that has had a limb split? i just got one and hvae been out hunting only 3 times and it has not been shot 20 times since I got it and the limb has cracked.

    1. I bought the Burner 415. Didn’t even get to hunt with it yet, and the limb on my completely split and broke off not 2 seconds after cocking it the last time. Im really upset after spending that kind of money on a crossbow.

    2. I got the Ripper 415, the limbs split and cracked three times, KI sent me a whole new front end three times.

      But on the fourth time it cracked, they wanted me to ship my whole crossbow to them. It will cost me about $80 for USPS shipping…so I just decided to trash it.

      Four hunting buddies have KI too, (Ripper 415, Boss 405 , and and Lethal 405)….all their limbs had cracked on them too.

  5. The killer instinct 405 is junk wouldn’t have one I have had two since the 27th of August and both of them had a limb to bust ive called and raised h!!!but they don’t care

  6. I had a ripper 415 and I had a limb split on me when I was cocking it just getting ready to walk to my blind in 2018.

  7. I have been hunting with a crossbow for 17 years. Yesterday, I helped a friend sight in a Killer Instinct crossbow someone gave him. After zeroing it at 30 yards,it wasn’t long before I was knocking the heavy crossbow target/bag over at 70 yards, MOA approximately 2 inches. I strongly suspect that this bow was in the 400+ FPS range. Any ideas on how to easily determine its FPS

  8. I’ve hunted my swat XP twice and a limb broke while on a paid hunt in SD. Customer service has not even contacted me. I’d never ever buy one again. I’m over 1000 miles from home and had my hunt ruined.

  9. I had a machine but now the company has it. 2 nd cracked limb 3 years. They have had it for 2 months now they say another month. Customer service is a joke no one will answer a phone the email reply’s are the same as the phone that no one will answer. Waiting for parts from over seas wow so much for made in Michigan.

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