Nock Out Illuminated Nocks Review

One of the biggest problems many bow hunters face is knowing exactly where their arrow flies. Whether it is a clean miss or a good hit, being able to see your arrow, especially in low light conditions, can be quite difficult. Add to that the increased speed of a crossbow, and it is easy to understand how an archer might not know exactly where his or her arrow might have hit…or not hit.

The Nock Out Lighted Nocks are designed to allow you to easily trace the path of your arrow by illuminating the nock. This leads to something that looks rather like a tracer round when fired from your bow or crossbow and will allow you to instantly know if you have a hit, and if so, where you hit your prey.


Ease of Installation and Use

The Nock Out Lighted Nocks are very easy to install and actually have a couple of really cool features not found on other illuminated nocks.

You will find that each package of Nock Out Lighted Nocks comes with a total of nine orange bushings. There are three each of sizes 0.285”, 0.297” and 0.300” inner diameter bushings which will allow for your Nock Outs to fit a variety of arrow shaft sizes. This makes it very convenient if you want to be able to use your Nock Out Lighted Nocks in both narrow and thicker shaft arrows without having to buy multiple packs of illuminated nocks.

To install, you simply remove the existing nock from your arrow and install the proper size Nock Out bushing. Then simply slide the Nock Out nock assembly into the bushing ensuring the nock groove is perpendicular to your cock vane. It really is that simple.

Another cool feature to the Nock Out Lighted Nocks is the incorporation of a small silver collar that is between the nock and the bushing. By turning this about 45 degrees, you can disengage the ability for the nock to illuminate, thereby saving your battery when target practicing. To turn the lighted feature back on, you simply turn the silver collar the other way 45 degrees and the nock is ready to light on your next shot. The two images below show the collar first in the ‘off’ position and then in the ‘on’ position. Note how the grooves line up in the ‘on’ position to allow the nock to move forward and thus illuminate.


The Nock Out Lighted Nocks did not affect accuracy and flew straight and true with no issues. It is important to note that as you change out any aspect of your arrow, your total weight may change and this was certainly true with the Nock Outs. Our factory nocks on our Victory test arrows weighed in at 11.8 grains. The total Nock Out assembly, including bushings weighed in at 33.0 grains, so this would certainly be enough to affect accuracy at longer ranges. This is not a drawback to the Nock Out Lighted Nocks as you would expect there to be some additional weight for the battery and LED…it is just something you want to be aware of so you can ensure your set up is properly sighted in before you hit the field.


So how well did the Nock Out Lighted Nocks perform in the real world? Outstanding is the word that comes to mind. We did not have a single issue with the nocks illuminating when fired, and we found it was not too difficult to turn off the illumination once we pulled it from our target. You might find it is a bit more difficult the first couple of times to pull up and turn off the illumination, but once it is done a couple of times you really shouldn’t have much of an issue.

As far as visibility is concerned, these little guys are BRIGHT! There was no issue in seeing the arrow’s flight, even in mid light conditions. We fired these out to a range of about 50 yards and found the nocks still plenty bright enough to see easily. There is no worry of these nocks being too dim! It was also interesting to see how the arrow flies as if anything should go wrong with a shot, you will be able to tell instantly, and also have a bit of help in finding your arrow!

Overall Thoughts

Overall we found the Nock Out Lighted Nocks to be a great product and an addition any serious hunter should consider adding to their arsenal. They are very easy to use, simple to install, and incredibly effective. The ability to see your shot like these nocks allow is something that can prove invaluable when hunting animals as you will always know if you made a good shot. It literally looks like a laser as it flies through the air and allow you to see the exact point of impact.
The ability to turn off the illumination is a really cool feature and one that is great to help conserve on battery life. Also, the ability to install into multiple shaft sizes is really cool and doesn’t keep you guessing as to what size to order.
All in all, this is definitely a product we would recommend to up your game.


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  1. My TenPoint Turbo XLT II requires Omni-nock arrows. Is the Nock Out lighted nock available with the omni-nock configuration? Or does this really matter?
    Butler, PA

  2. I use these on my crossbow and they are awesome, I have no complaints, I love the target setting feature, it allows me to sight in and practice with my hunting bolt.

  3. Can I use these Nock out lighted nocks with my Mission Sniper Light xbow?
    Six un-lit arrows came with my crossbow and I purchased an additional three with lighted nocks. They are Victory arrows made for Mission, and the lighted nocks are said to be from Clean Shot, made for Mission to ‘fit the trigger box’. The nocks have a flattened area on each side of the valley part of the half moon aluminum nock.
    I believe the current nocks are glued in. There is a wide silver collar at the end of the arrow shaft and then the nock.
    The inside diameter is 0.300.

    If my nocks are indeed glued in, how do I remove them from the carbon arrows to be able to insert a new lighted nock?

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