Allen Company Case Review


  • Endura material construction is tough and waterproof
  • Fitted case fits most standard crossbows, including scopes
  • Fitted design takes up less space in the truck bed


  • Arrow compartment only accommodates 20” arrows
  • Will not fit Excalibur recurve crossbows


Welcome to our review of the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case ( link). This is a handsome case in black and Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage. It features a semi-rigid bow compartment and includes an adjustable sling.

What’s the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case Made Of?

The Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case is made of Endura, a high-quality and sturdy blend of nylon and polyester fabrics. The combination of black and Mossy Oak Break-Up Camouflage gives the case a smart look that combines tactical appearance with hunting garb. The #10 zipper is sturdy and resists binding or sticking, opening smoothly when you need it to.

What Size Crossbow Will the Allen Company Case Fit?

Most standard crossbows will fit into the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case. As long as the axle-to-axle width of your crossbow is less than 32”, it should fit just fine into the case. The case even has extra space to allow for crossbow scopes attached to your crossbow.

Larger crossbows, like recurve crossbows, will not fit inside this bag, unfortunately. This case is designed for compound crossbows, not recurve crossbows.

How Resistant is the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case to Tearing?

allencase_!The Endura material used for the Allen Company Crossbow Case is the same material used for automotive seat covers, so it is very sturdy and resistant to tearing. You should still be careful with your broadheads, of course, since their razor-sharp blades could easily slice through the material, but the case should stand up to regular bumps and catches on limbs or branches.

How Weather-Resistant is the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case?

Endura is entirely waterproof, so the bag is very weather resistant. I’ve had my bag sitting out in the pouring rain in the bed of my truck, and everything inside the bag stayed safe and dry. The outer shell dries quickly, so you can rest assured that when you bring the case inside, it won’t leave huge puddles on your floor.

Does the Allen Company Case Have Extra Pockets?

This case features an arrow pocket and an accessory pocket. The accessory pocket is great for storing your rope cocking device, rail lube, and string wax, along with any other small odds and ends you might want to include. I’ve even slid my broadhead case into the pocket, along with my other essentials.

allencase_3The arrow pocket, unfortunately, is only designed for 20” arrows. If you have 22” arrows, they will not fit comfortably into the arrow pocket. There is plenty of space in the main compartment of the bag for the arrows to go there, but it would be nice if Allen had made the arrow compartment large enough for 22” arrows.

Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case Summary

Thanks for reading our review of the Allen Company Fitted Crossbow Case. This crossbow case is excellent for most compound crossbows, providing the strength and protection you need for your crossbow. It allows you to keep everything for your crossbow in one place, making for easy storage and transportation. Check current price on if you’re looking to buy.

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