Carbon Express Deluxe Case Review

ProsCarbon Express Deluxe Case

  • Easy-access accessory pockets
  • Ample padding to protect your crossbow


  • Poor quality strap
  • Not enough room for larger scopes

Welcome to our review of the Carbon Express Deluxe Fitted Crossbow Case ( link). This case includes an internally-mounted adjustable scope pad, tie-down straps, and an extra-wide slip resistant neoprene shoulder pad. Is it good enough to protect your crossbow, though?

What’s the Carbon Express Deluxe Fitted Crossbow Case Made Of?

The case is made of durable nylon, and the shoulder strap is constructed from slip resistant neoprene. The case is padded, and provides ample protection against bumps and jostles.

What Size Crossbow Will the Case Fit?

This case is designed to fit all the Carbon Express crossbows, but the dimensions are pretty small for recurve crossbows. The case is 38 inches long, which is long enough for all of my crossbows, but at only 32 inches wide I was able to fit all of my compound crossbows in the case, but none of my recurves. Also, larger scopes will result in a tighter fit, so you’ll want to be mindful of that when zipping up the case.

How Resistant is the Case to Tearing?

The case itself, made of durable nylon, is very tear-resistant. The carrying strap, however, is very poorly made and low quality materials. The second time I picked up the case with my crossbow in it, the carrying strap tore in half like it was a sheet of paper.

How Weather-Resistant is the Case?

Nylon is quite water-resistant, so this case does a good job of keeping the rain out. You won’t want to submerge it, but it will prevent your gear from getting wet from simple drive through the rain.

Does the Carbon Express Deluxe Fitted Crossbow Case Have Extra Pockets?

The case includes an internal pocket for accessories, as well as a 26” long by 7” wide external pocket for your quiver and arrows.

Carbon Express Deluxe Padded Crossbow Case Summary

Thanks for reading our review of the Carbon Express Deluxe Padded Crossbow Case. Unfortunately, this is one of those cases that I cannot recommend. It is poorly constructed, since the carrying strap tears easily and it is too snug for larger scopes. Check current price on

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  1. So what is a good case that doesnt cost $1500? I would rather purchase another cross bow for that price or even a very nice rifle for gun season, lol!

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