Barnett Crossbow Case Review – Model 17083


  • Roomy enough for large scopes and quiversbarnett soft case
  • Accessory pocket holds 22” bolts


  • Straps not sewn for durability, and tear loose easily
  • Accessory pockets not terribly roomy; could use an extra pocket

Welcome to our review of the Barnett 17083 Crossbow Case ( link). This is a soft-ided case with Realtree camo highlighting on the pockets and stock portion of the case. It features two carrying handles and a shoulder strap.

What’s the Case Made Of?

The Barnett Crossbows Crossbow case is soft-sided, made of reinforced nylon with foam fillers inside to add padding to the case. The straps and carrying handles are also nylon, and unfortunately are prone to tearing free from the case if your crossbow and accessories are too heavy.

What Size Crossbow Will the Barnett Crossbows Case Fit?17083 barnett case 2

Barnett says the case will fit any Barnett crossbow, but I’ve also used it with my Horton Legend and TenPoint Titan Extreme without any problems. The case is roomy enough to accommodate scopes and quivers.

How Resistant is the Case to Tearing?

The case itself will not tear easily, and I’ve bounced and bumped it around pretty good. However, when I had it fully loaded with my crossbow, bolts, and accessories, one of the carrying handles ripped free from the case under what I would consider normal usage.

How Weather-Resistant is the Case?

Nylon is pretty good at keeping the rain out, and this case is made entirely of nylon. Therefore, you might not be able to take your crossbow for a dunk in this case, but it should keep things relatively dry under a normal rainy day.

Does the Case Have Extra Pockets?

The case has two accessory pockets on the outside of the case, designed for carrying bolts and broadheads. The pockets can fit up to 12 22” bolts with ease, with enough room left over to squeeze in your rope cocker, string wax, rail lube, and a wrench. The extras just barely fit, though, and it would have been nice to have an extra pocket.

Barnett Crossbows Crossbow Case Summary

Thanks for reading our review of the Barnett Crossbows Crossbow Case. This case is nice and attractive, and should protect your crossbow from the elements. However, the sewing on the carrying straps breaking free might mean you want to move on to another case if your crossbow is particularly heavy, since a broken strap can often mean dropping your x-bow unexpectedly. In either case, make sure to check out’s price on this case if you’re interested in a purchase.

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