Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Review

ModelDraw WeightStrokeVelocitySuggested Arrow LengthCrossbow Length / Weight
Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Kit

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury
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175 lbs.10.5"235 FPS

Crossbow Academy: ballistics, sighting, tuning
16" Aluminum, 20" Carbon31" / 4.84 lbs.
- Best crossbow kit for less than $200
- Great for target shooting and hunting small game
- Extremely light-weight and comfortable – great things for a beginner
- Safety mechanism to prevent dry firing
- Arrow Precision has excellent phone customer service

- Not powerful enough to hunt bigger game with (bear, buffalo).
- The arrows supplied with the package are medium-quality
Small Game Hunting?yes2
Deer, Elk Hunting?yes2
Moose, Bear Hunting?No3
Target Shooting?yes2
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Package Contents & Assembly

Welcome to our Arrow Precision Inferno Fury review. Upon unpacking the box with your crossbow, you’ll find the following items:

  • Main crossbow parts (stock + bow + string)
  • 3-red-dot sight with included battery
  • Regular open/iron sight
  • Rope cocking device
  • Extra backup string
  • Four arrows for target practice with field points
  • Detachable quiver for your arrows
  • Padded shoulder sling
  • Wax for the string
  • Assembly hardware (screws and screw drive)
  • Assembly & Maintenance booklet
  • Warranty card (1 year, limited)

The instruction booklet contains a picture-rich, step-by-step guide for assembling the crossbow.  You’ll need to string the prod first, and then attach the prod to the stock and put protectors at the tips of the limbs; finish this step by tightening a screw at the front of the crossbow. You will then use two additional screws to attach the part that holds the arrow quiver (you can remove and re-attach the quiver itself at any time without manipulating any screws). The only thing left is to mount the sight, and it’s ready for shooting.  The entire procedure, including unpacking the box, took me less than 10 minutes.

How It Shoots & Performance

The first thing I tried was shooting the arrow from a 15 yard distance at a 3″ by 3″ piece of hardwood – the arrow went right through it. I also had an old DVD player which I no longer needed and which I couldn’t have sold for more than $30, so I decided to shoot it just to see what would happen. I lined up for the shot and fired from around 20 yards. Not onlyInferno Fury in room did the arrow go through, shattering the unit in the process, but it also got lodged in the target that was behind it.

As for hunting; I’ve only had the chance to go on a hunting trip three times with the Inferno Fury. I managed to line up a great shot from around 15 yards away at an unsuspecting deer. I cocked the crossbow before approaching this close, since the cocking process could accidentally generate some noise that might have scared my prey away. My shot pierced the side of the deer and went right through a huge exit hole. I was using the same type of arrows supplied with the package, but with my own fixed broad-heads. It was also surprising just how quiet the shot was; much quieter than on many $600+ compound crossbows that I had used before.

This crossbow is just powerful enough that everyone will be able to enjoy it regardless of whether they choose to shoot at targets or live game, but it’s not powerful enough that it could cause beginners to have trouble handling it properly – I feel like a perfect balance was struck here. Keep in mind however, that hunting for anything bigger than deer (and even that must be taken from close range) will be impossible with the Fury, given its slow shooting speed. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this as a hunting crossbow – for this purpose, see our hunting x-bows recommendations.

Kinetic Energy Of The AP Inferno Fury

Now the question is, how much stopping power does the AP Inferno Fury deliver? This is a lower-shooting crossbow, delivering arrows at a mere 235 FPS at point blank range, which translates to around 49 ft. lbs. of kinetic energy. You’ll lose some energy, of course, for shooting beyond point blank range—a few ft. lbs. for every 10 yards past point blank range—so count on your 30-yard shots delivering somewhere in the neighborhood of 46 ft. lbs. of power. This is enough to take down deer and antelope. It’s also just barely enough power to take down elk, wild boar, and other larger game, but the slow arrow speed would make such kills tricky at best.

Use our arrow ballistics calculator for more valuable information.

Ballistic Data For The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

Your actual results will vary slightly depending on weather, and significantly with arrow weight change. See our Crossbow Ballistics Guides section for a complete understanding of how we conducted our tests and why this data matters.


The Inferno Fury comes with a light-weight 3-red-dot sight. In case you didn’t know, this type of sight requires a battery, as the red dots are actually beams of light. The package includes one small CR2032 battery, which under regular circumstances should last you many months or even years, depending on how often you use the sight and what the average temperatures in your shooting environment are (the colder it is, the sooner the battery will run out). Don’t forget to turn the sight off when you are done using the crossbow to conserve energy.

Sighting this particular model was really easy, and I was able to do it by shooting literally no more than 5 arrows.

See our detailed guide on how to sight-in your crossbow

Durability & Construction

The limbs on this crossbow are made of fiberglass – the most widely used material in the making of archery equipment. It has two very important qualities: low weight and durability. Simply put, these limbs will not splinter even after firing arrow precision inerno fury good shotthousands of arrows, and if they do – you can have them quickly replaced by the manufacturer (remember – you get a 1 year warranty). The Inferno Fury is overall very light-weight and feels very similar to a rifle when held.

The design of this crossbow is ambidextrous, meaning both left- and right-handed users can shoot it equally well. Even more so, I noticed the auto-safety switch has an ambidextrous design as well, and while I’m a right-handed shooter myself, I’m sure this fact will make someone happy. The rear stock rests very comfortably on the shoulder area and it does a great job at properly channeling the recoil when you fire the Fury.

Overall it looks well, feels well, and the materials used are top-notch. For this price, you won’t get anything better.

The Arrows

When preparing to write this Arrow Precision Inferno Fury review I decided that the arrows that come with the package would deserve a separate section. The package comes with 4 arrows with attached field points, however these arrows splinter and even break fairly easily if they hit a target from a very close distance (10-15 yards). I therefore recommend arrow precision inferno fury arrowsthat you buy some extra arrows at the same time you purchase the Inferno Fury – this will save you some time.

The arrows that come with the package are 16″ long, made of aluminum and with a total weight of around 400 grains. Therefore, when purchasing extra arrows for your Inferno Fury, make sure that they are the same length but also the same weight or a little heavier, but not lighter.

You should also remember not to over-lubricate the string before shooting, as too much lube will mess with arrow traction, and some of that lube will also transfer to the arrow, making it’s weight uneven and, consequently, reducing its accuracy. This holds true for all crossbows, however I’m mentioning it here because a lube tube is included with the package, and I wouldn’t want beginners to use it incorrectly.

You can also learn more about crossbow arrows and take a look at our broadhead recommendations

Cocking the Inferno Fury

Depending on how strong you are, you can either cock the crossbow manually using the stirrup and your hands (if you can dead-lift 175 pounds), or you can use the included rope cocking device, which will cut down the force required to draw this crossbow by 50%, making it around 87.5 lbs. rather than 175 lbs.

I found the Inferno Fury draws very smoothly and cocks just as reliably as much more expensive crossbows. I was expecting to have some problems with the latch holding the string in place, but nothing like that happened – the string consistently locked into position every single time.

What Crossbow Case Fits the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury?

The Carbon Express Deluxe Case is a good pick, but may not work with large scopes. As a second pick, the Allen Company case is another soft case which is just under half the price.

Inferno Fury Crossbow Review – Summary

This is the crossbow to get if you are on a very tight budget, and if you want a balanced, well-rounded weapon that can be used equally well for target practice as well as hunting for small game. The Inferno Fury comes with everything you need to start shooting right away and is easy to assemble, light on the muscles, delivers power, is very cheap, and above all – is highly accurate. Take a look at today's price on this crossbow and check out our top 10 crossbows rankings for more.

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